Used in stuttering, cluttering, aphasia, autism, apraxia, dysarthria, voice, social anxiety, public speaking, and more!

Create avatars

Using Therapy withVR, you can create avatars that look like you, your client’s teacher, or a stranger! Then, your client can practice speaking with them inside virtual reality and better relate it to real life!

Change their expressions

Our avatars contain 72 different face shapes that we blend together to create realistic facial expressions. You can find our library of facial expressions next to the avatar animations and adjust the facial expression of any avatar!

Animate them

Therapy withVR has a library of animations. Using these animations, you can select the avatar of your choice and animate them in real time. Animation examples include asking a question, fidgeting, looking around, and more!

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VR speaking situations should be customized to how the individual perceives their experiences. Else, the individual is only a passenger on autopilot in someone else's experience.

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10+ different languages

Language matters. That's why we've fully translated our software into more than ten different languages. Our avatars will also say anything you want them to say in those languages, too!

Easy to use

New technology can be overwhelming - but not ours! We've built our software around speech therapists, making it possible to use even if you only know how to use the Internet.

Recognized worldwide

Since 2020, we've been collaborating with 100+ leading speech therapists and researchers from 30 different countries worldwide. Our software has been featured at the biggest conferences!

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